Welcome to the Prodrift Academy, the world’s number one drift school and your gateway to the high-adrenaline, high-speed world of drifting. From its origins on the streets, to high profile events across Saudi Arabia, drifting has become the fastest growing motorsport in the world. Based in the heart of the Saudi Arabia, The Prodrift Academy is Riyadh’s ultimate driving experience and extreme sports activity.

Competition mustang

Designed to capture the minds of the ‘Playstation generation’ and petrol-heads alike, our fleet of professionally prepared, high performance drift cars and our team of professional international instructors will ensure that your time at our top class facility is an experience like no other. A driving experience like no other, students will learn how to drift under the instruction of professional drift competitors, behind the wheel of top of the range professionally prepared drift cars. With a number of course structures


available, the Prodrift Academy caters for all. From our experience courses to specialized drift training, and from corporate days out to exclusive drift vacations, we will ensure that your experience at the Prodrift Academy is one to remember. With each level designed to maximise your skills as you progress, you’re quest for drifting success starts right here at the world’s number one drift school, the Prodrift Academy. Get involved with the world’s fastest growing extreme motorsport and learn how to drift with the Pro’s!